29 January 2014

Baking With Spirit: The Frugal Round Up

Pay day is just around the corner, but while you wait for that 'cha-ching' noise that goes off in your mind as your bank balance gets significantly higher (no? Just me then?), here are a few recipes to tide you over. Each recipe contains alcohol, but its creator considers it to be frugal so you can easily make it without breaking the bank.

As regular readers will know, I love low calorie versions of desserts. Caroline of Caroline Makes... made this Slimming World Tiramisu using some Cointreau she found in her cupboard rather than buying brandy for it. Tiramisu is also the one dessert I cannot resist, so this is definitely a winning entry in my book!

Caroline must have been feeling especially frugal this month because she has another entry for us: this Bellini Bundt. She made this gorgeous cake in order to use up some leftover champagne from the fridge. I love the way the drizzled icing works with the spiral in the cake design.

Laura from I'd Much Rather Bake Than... made this Chocolate Chilli Pie. She had heard that putting alcohol in your pie crust makes it more flaky so she added some whisky to it. Only a little bit is needed, so Laura reasons that you could make the pie to use up the last smidgen of whisky in the bottle. Sounds like a plan, and I have to say the chocolate chilli has me intrigued...

Ellen from Bake It With Booze made this stunning Kahlua Cake after receiving the recipe from an old friend. It's a 'dump' cake, where you dump all the ingredients in one bowl , mix it up and bake it. The cake uses a box mix, so Ellen thinks of it as frugal.

I made these Goats Cheese Brownies in an attempt to combine a couple of challenges. The top is drizzled with a mulled wine icing, handily using up the mulled wine that I impulsively made just after Christmas.

Remember to return to this site on Saturday to find out what challenge I have in store for February!


  1. I'm a huge, like HUGE, fan of tiramisu as well. I've yet to find one I didn't like. :) Thanks for including the kahlua cake! I'm excited for next month to see which one I pick...Hope you get the weather you've been hoping for, too! P.S. We finally got rain in California!

    1. Oh great news! Tell California it can have the UK's rain as some parts have had more than their fair share lately. Crazy weather.


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