Baking With Spirit

Those of you who follow my blog regularly will know that I often partake in spiking my baking with alcohol: Vodka Lemonade Cake, an eight layer Kahlua Cake for my sister's 18th, a Chocolate, Rum and Cherry Chesecake and Piña Colada Cupcakes, to name but a few. It gave me the idea to create the Baking With Spirit Challenge, which ran for two-and-a-half years (there is a summary of the challenges below). In the end, the up-hill struggle to encourage entries each month wore me out, and I decided that it was time to reinvent the challenge.

Baking With Spirit

Baking With Spirit lives on as a regular feature, where I highlight the use of alcohol in my baking. I hope that this will still encourage readers to try it for themselves at home, and inspire other bloggers to post their own alcohol-spiked creations.

Baking With Spirit: Spotlight

This brings me to the second half of the feature, Baking With Spirit: Spotlight. I want to support other bloggers and their baking by featuring a boozy bake that they have created using this feature. My plan is to try the recipe myself, then have a little discussion about the post. Hopefully this will encourage interaction from other food bloggers, and if they desire they can submit a post for me to feature. In a competitive food blog world, I think it's important to support one another.

Chocolate & Whisky Cake

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Without Debs of Deb's Dust Bunny, Baking With Spirit would have a much less snappy name (all I could think of was 'Boozy Bakes', which doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it?), and without Richard Burrow, who I went to primary school with but is now an up and coming product designer, I would not have this striking and stylish logo. I can guarantee that the logo would look at least half as good as this if I had been left to my own devices! So thank you to Deb and Rich; this would have looked a lot shoddier and less classy without you.


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