8 October 2015

Baking With Spirit Spotlight: Chocolate & Whisky Cake

It's been quite a while since my last Baking With Spirit: Spotlight post, so you can be forgiven for not knowing what this is all about. The gist of it is that I enjoy baking with booze, and I want to highlight some of the great recipes I find on the blogosphere (thus encouraging myself to make more of them). Today, the spotlight falls on Linzi at Lancashire Food's Chocolate & Whisky Bundt Cake.

Linzi made this cake back in 2012 as a thank you to some helpful care staff. She describes it as a "dark delight, with more adult flavour", and says that the alcohol can be changed to one of your choosing, e.g. rum or amaretto. This post actually features in an old-style Baking With Spirit challenge, under the Whisky Round Up.

Unfortunately I don't own a bundt tin, so I made my Chocolate & Whisky Cake in a 10" springform cake tin. I don't own anything for guidance with American cup measurements, so I guestimated using my knowledge of cake ratios.

How was it? Well, although I couldn't taste the whisky, apparently everyone at work could. I don't know what that says about me... The cake was dense and chocolatey, and a few (misguided) people thought it was a chocolate brownie. I think either I should have whisked more air into the batter, or a bit more raising agent could have been used, as the cake didn't rise very well. That being said, I would absolutely make this cake again, and it was so popular at work that some strangers stole a bit... can't say I blame them!

Make sure you check out Lancashire Food for the recipe and many more excellent sweet and savoury recipes.


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