1 November 2012

Baking With Spirit: The November Challenge

The winter is rolling in, so I've decided that this month we need to add something a little bit fiery to our baking. I've not really had much experience with it, but gin seems like as warming a spirit as any, so I think it's appropriate enough to be the centre of November's Baking With Spirit.

Not just for tonic, gin is used in many different cocktails (including an interesting combination of gin and lilt, dubbed by a couple of acquaintances as 'Gilt'). Perhaps you could make a gin cocktail-inspired bake? If cocktails are not your style, I know that there are quite a few gin-related recipes over at Sharky Oven Gloves, such as Mel's Gin & Tonic Scones. (I don't think Mel is quite the alcoholic I'm making her out to be with these repeated BWS mentions, but we both seem to share an enjoyment of spiking our baked goods with a bit of alcohol!) Bake It With Booze also has a delicious sounding recipe for a Lemon and Blueberry Gin Loaf Cake.

Whatever you choose, bake it up and send me the link. If you would rather not use real alcohol and can get hold of a gin flavouring, then by all means bake with that instead. Have some fun - I'm looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!

Here are the rules (the full rules can be found here):

  1. Bake or cook something food-related containing the specified type of alcohol* of the month.
  2. Write a post about it on your blog and link back to my blog, Cake Of The Week, and mention Baking With Spirit.
  3. Email the link to me at cakeoftheweek@hotmail.co.uk and include your name, your blog and the photo you want me to use in the round-up. If you tweet me @CakeOfTheWeek and/or use #bakingwithspirit I will endeavour to retweet!
  4. The deadline is midnight on the 28th of the month.


  1. Ooh, great choice! I made gin and tonic cupcakes a few years back that were lovely - there was tonic water in the cake and gin in the icing!

  2. Fantastic choice! I love gin (in case you didn't know…) so this is going to be fun! I'm looking forward to coming up with something exciting – I have a reputation to uphold after all, haha. By the way, I don't mind the BWS mentions – I feel rather honoured :D

    1. Good to know! I do enjoy your blog. Looking forward to seeing your entry!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, Janine! I'm ready with my gin for this month's challenge! :) Great timing, too. ;) Cheers!


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