1 February 2013

Baking With Spirit: The February Challenge

Last month I let out a plea on Twitter to help me avoid the obvious this month. It's not that I'm bitter or against the whole thing, but it's a bit of a cliché. We'll save the clichés for another year when I'm starved of more imaginative ideas for this challenge.

I had a few suggestions, my favourite being Nutella day (thanks Mel). I was totally on board with using either  Frangelico or Creme de Cacao for this month's challenge, but I hit a little bit of a snag. The problem is, I've searched supermarkets high and low and none of them stock Frangelico, and I can only find Creme de Cacao in one or two obscure places at extortionate prices.

Therefore, I will save those two for another time when I've found a reliable stockist and know that I can purchase them without selling the clothes off my back. I can't very well set a challenge and then not be able to participate because I can't access the alcohol of choice, can I?

In the mean time, I've decided to set this month's challenge as something we can all enjoy without setting out on quests and busking on the street. This month, we're going to be baking with coffee liqueur. Not a coffee fan? It hides away in a chocolate cake pretty well and merely enhances the flavour. I'm sure there are plenty of coffee addicts out there who would snap up your coffee-laden goods.

And don't fret - coffee liqueurs are sold under brands less well known as Tia Maria and Kahlua for half the price. Check out Tesco's Soiree Coffee if you don't believe me (I'm pretty sure all the supermarkets do their own cheap knock-offs).

Here are the rules (more thorough ones are here):

  1. Bake or cook something food-related containing coffee liqueur.
  2. Write a post about it on your blog and link back to my blog, Cake Of The Week, and mention Baking With Spirit.
  3. Email the link to me at cakeoftheweek@hotmail.co.uk and include your name, your blog and the photo you want me to use in the round-up. If you tweet me @CakeOfTheWeek and/or use #bakingwithspirit I will endeavour to retweet!
  4. The deadline is midnight on the 28th of the month.

Ready? Get baking then!


  1. We'll be there...And, not late this time. :)

  2. Ooo excellent choice – I'm a complete coffee addict, so this is definitely completely down my street! Also even better choice for avoiding the obvious! :)

    1. I really wanted to do Frangelico but just couldn't find any! I'll keep my eye out for future challenges though.


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