1 July 2013

Baking With Spirit: The July Challenge

Though it might not always be sunny, Summer is definitely upon us. The temperature ranges between 14C and 19C here in Newcastle, so I imagine anyone south of here is experiencing even better temperatures. A recent study suggested that our wet summers are related to the temperature of the Atlantic Ocean and aren't set to improve for up to a decade (!), so I suppose it's time we learned to stop grumbing and get on with it.

When I think of summer, I think of hot days, sunshine, beaches and watermelon. Remember summers when it was too hot to eat anything of substance? On those days, watermelons are the perfect antidote for me. This month, then, I'm asking you all to bake (or freeze - I'm thinking ice creams, ice lollies, FroYo) something using Midori, or any other melon liqueur.

I've yet to try Midori, so I could soon realise that this month's challenge was a horrible mistake, but I do like melons so I'm hoping this won't be the case. If you're in the same boat, then join me in experimenting with this lesser-used liqueur.

The basic rules are as follows (for more details see the Baking With Spirit page):
  • Write a post about what you've made, link back to Cake Of The Week and mention Baking With Spirit.
  • Email the link to me at cakeoftheweek@hotmail.co.uk and include your name, your blog and the photo you want me to use in the round-up. If you tweet me @CakeOfTheWeek and/or use #bakingwithspirit I will endeavour to retweet!
  • The deadline is midnight on the 28th of the month.
Have fun, and don't forget to tell your friends!

1 comment:

  1. I'm going to make something inspired by the cocktail, Japanese Slipper. I hope it turns out! :)

    And, congrats on graduation, Janine! A great achievement!!!


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