12 April 2014

Review: The Little Pancake Company Pancake Mix

If any of you follow me on social media, you might notice a heightened level of excitement around pancake day. As a day dedicated to pancakes, it warrants such excitement. But what about the rest of the year?

Pancake houses are very hard to come by in this country, and there is little variety in the pancakes served by the few cafes that provide them. Where can those of us too lazy or unskilled to make our own pancakes go for a fix, then?

The Little Pancake Company might just have the answer. Founded by a fellow pancake lover, the company strives to make pancakes a year round tradition, rather than just a once-a-year kind of thing. The Little Pancake Company sells American style pancake mixes in seven flavours (including raspberry & white chocolate, zingy ginger, apple crumble & cinnamon and jelly bean), as well as kitchen equipment to help make them. The company also works for a good cause: a hot meal is donated to FoodCycle for every pancake mix sold.

 I was sent a pack of the raspberry & white chocolate mix to try out. Topped with a cute bow, the packaging looks very professional and meant I couldn't wait to try the mix. The pancakes are very easy to make, and the instructions are very clear. The mix isn't just a floury powder; mine had a generous portion of sizable white chocolate chips and (from what I can tell) freeze dried raspberries in there too. All you need is an egg, some milk and a frying pan and you are on your way.

My pancakes turned out very well. As suggested on the back of the pack, I topped them with a scoop of ice cream for a little extra luxury. The ice cream wasn't really needed, as the pancakes tasted great on their own. The taste of white chocolate and raspberry really came through, and the pancake itself was flavourful and not too sweet.

Would I buy these pancake mixes? In short, yes I would as they taste great and contain ingredients I might not have to hand at home. At £6.50 per pack, though, I would be discouraged from buying them as I could probably buy all the ingredients myself for less than this. Overall, however, I am very impressed with this product and hope the company gets the success it deserves.

The Little Pancake Company stocks its pancake mixes and kitchen essentials in its Etsy shop and are looking for stockists.

I was sent a pack of The Little Pancake Company's pancake mix to review. All opinions are my own.

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