1 January 2015

Baking With Spirit: The January Challenge

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great New Year celebration, whatever it consisted of. I spent the evening making punch with my friend and then drinking said punch whilst talking over a film. (Usually I am not a 'talking over films' type person, but when booze is involved there is really no point trying to watch anyway, from my experience.)

Now that Christmas is over, I will be joining a large percentage of the nation in trying to cut back a little bit this month in order to compensate for two weeks (at least) of gluttony. I can't simply stop baking though, so this month I am instilling a Low Fat January on Cake Of The Week. This means that every recipe I post will be low fat.

To celebrate this, and to help the rest of you with your angelic eating, I'm setting this month's challenge as healthy. I know that alcohol and healthy don't really mix, but there was once a health conscious theme for We Should Cocoa, which is built on chocolate, so I think we can manage this. I know that food bloggers are a creative bunch, so I'm looking forward to seeing what is entered.

Interpret the healthy theme as you will (regular entrants will know that I am very flexible with interpretations), but you really must include alcohol in your entry so that it is in the spirit of the challenge.


  • Bake something that you consider healthy that also includes alcohol in the recipe.
  • Write a post including a link back to this page and a mention of both Baking With Spirit and Cake Of the Week.
  • Send an email to cakeoftheweek@hotmail.co.uk with a link to the post and a photo that you want me to use. If you don't send a photo I will assume that you are happy for me to take one from your post.
  • Tweet your post including #bakingwithspirit and @cakeoftheweek for a retweet.
  • The deadline is 28th January 2015

Have fun!

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