1 January 2016

Introducing Healthy(ish) January

How was everybody's Christmas and New Year? I hope that you took a break, ate too much, and spent some quality time with friends and family. Don't even begin to feel guilty about all that indulgence; we had to stuff ourselves because it's (supposed to be) winter, and we need all that extra energy to stay warm. If I can convince myself, I can convince all of you.

I'm planning to take a step back from the brandy cream, wine and chocolate this month and share my healthy(ish) recipes with all of you. In 2015 Cake Of The Week ran a Low Fat January, so I plan to do something similar this year. The media seem a little confused with regards to which ingredient they should now be demonising, and I do not wish to be a part of the hype. A lot of the sensationalist headlines hold no merit, and could do with a little more background reading of reliable studies. In a nutshell, this January will be known as Healthy(ish) January here on the blog. "Ish" because, let's be honest, cake can never truly be classed as healthy, much as I would like it to be.

I spend a lot of weekends running between Birmingham and other parts of the country to socialise, and I do turn 25 this month, but I'm hoping to share at least a couple of healthy(ish) recipes with you before February!

For more on healthy(ish) baking, check out the corresponding tab above (or follow this link). There you'll find information on using low fat and other lower calorie ingredients, along with a list of recipes that I believe are healthier than your average bake.

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