18 May 2012

World Baking Day

World Baking Day (sponsored by Stork) is on Sunday so to get everybody in the mood, the people behind it have been asking everyone on Twitter to bake a cake and then photograph it in a place where one would not expect to find a cake, then link to it with #Caking.

Save Children From Obesity And Eat All the Cakes So They Don't Have To! 

Of course, on hearing about this I couldn't wait to take part. Luckily I had planned a massive baking session today to tide me over during exams and took the opportunity to photograph the Chocolate and Banana Loaf Cake that I baked in unusual places on my street.

I also took a photograph of the Smarties Cookies that I made today - I'll be posting about them later on.

Anyone can join in so get baking and take your own #Caking picture!

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