31 January 2015

Baking With Spirit: The February Challenge [& January Round Up]

Oh February, where did you come from?

January passed me by in a whirl of birthday celebrations (I'm 24 now, everybody), training on a new analytical instrument at work, and one fun evening involving twister and jenga in which I proved that I am very strong and flexible. (Trying to rise above any jokes from the gutter here...)

January's Baking With Spirit challenge was sadly not very popular and only got one entry other than my own. To see these fabulous creations and learn how to make your boozy creations whilst keeping them healthy, scroll down to below the rules.

This month is of course famous for a day that some adore, some react to in such a way that they feel the need to stage some sort of protest, alcohol-and-chocolate-driven or otherwise, and some just try to ignore while they get on with their lives. I usually lie in the third camp, and this year is no exception.

Far be it from me to stop some of you having your fun, though; this month's theme is fun, so your entry can be as romantic or depressing as you like, as long as you think it fits the theme (maybe not depressing, then...) The only other stipulation is that your entry contains alcohol, otherwise you're really missing the point of this challenge.

Here are the rules:

  • Bake something containing alcohol that fits the theme of fun.
  • Write it up in a post and include a link to this page and mention Cake Of The Week.
  • Email it to me at cakeoftheweek@hotmail.co.uk, including a photo you want me to use and a link to the post.
  • If you don't email a photo I will assume you are giving me permission to use one from your post.
  • The deadline is the 28th February.
  • I will pin the entries to the Baking With Spirit pinterest board.
Alexandra from The Lass In The Apron sent in this delicious looking entry for Oat-Pecan Marmalade Muffins. She used whisky marmalade (which sounds amazing, by the way), and there is no added sugar because Alexandra reasoned that the marmalade contained enough sugar. The muffins are healthy all round because they contain oats, pecans, wholemeal spelt flour and yoghurt - perfect for this challenge. Thank you, Alexandra!

My entry for the healthy challenge was this Low Fat Tiramisu. This tasted amazing and you would never guess that it used low fat cream cheese and cream. If you are a tiramisu lover like me, I advise you to try it without delay!

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